Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jean Schmidt’s Liberal Base

By Nate Noy

One of the best lies going in the Jean Schmidt “shill blogosphere” is that she is a “true conservative.” Anyone read Rolling Stone Magazine lately?

Two issues that really rattle my cage from the left are: minimum wage and gun control.

On 1/10/07 Congress passed Vote 18 H.R.2 The minimum wage increase. Those voting yea included:

Ted Kennedy
Barney Frank
Nancy Pelosi
Dennis Kucinich.
Jean Schmidt

Some nay votes included:

John Boehner
Steve Chabot
Jim Jordan
Pat Tiberi
Roy Blunt
Tom Trancredo

ALL “true conservatives” opposed this vote because they actually have some comprehension as to what a minimum wage increase does to the economy.

I have a degree in Economics and anyone that does understands that minimum wage acts as a price floor, creating a deficit in employment, i.e., a higher rate of unemployment. It also leads to much higher inflation rates, which is something the media has finally started to talk about recently. The end result of a minimum wage increase is stagflation, and it is devastating to the economy.

People in general simply are not educated on this issue. I ask them: why not make minimum wage $20 or $25 an hour if it is such a great savior?

So when unemployment rates continue to rise this summer and the price of everything just seems to be going up, people everywhere can look to the likes of Kennedy, Pelosi, and Schmidt for the root cause.

My other hot issue is gun control and gun free zones. Jean Schmidt of course voted to ban guns in Clermont County when she was a trustee there, however she subsequently duped enough people in the NRA into actually believing she was with them on this issue too.

This argument is so, so simple as far as I’m concerned. If the kids at Va Tech or NIU had all been carrying guns, then how many of them would still be alive today? The answer is that maybe the first kid or two would have been killed, but someone in the group would have been able to stop the massacre before it reached epic levels.

Gun bans and gun free zones will NEVER stop the criminals from having guns; they are by definition criminals and could care less about the law. The only thing that these laws accomplish is preventing those of us that are law abiding and would be willing to protect ourselves and others by taking appropriate action against a deranged gunman if necessary.

Jean Schmidt didn’t get that back in Clermont County, I doubt she gets that now either, or she NEVER would have voted for a gun ban in the first place. Her vote will always be for sale to the highest bidder, and folks the public is NOT the highest bidder as far as Jean Schmidt is concerned, she had proven that to us over and over again.

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