Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Liveblogging Part IX

By Rick Morris

The Giants' playcalling was better on that drive, but they still stalled out before field goal territory was reached. The punt goes to about the 10 yard line, where the Pats' offense will look to finally get something going. New York kicked a field goal on the opening possession and the Pats followed up with a TD and we haven't seen any more scoring since. Unbelievable.

Just in case you were wondering, not everyone in this great land of ours is glued to this game. This old coot thinks football is a waste of time and things were better in the good old days -- and he's got so much more hilarious stuff here.

The New York pass rush is still absolutely insane, but New England gets out from under the shadow of their own goal line with a first-down completion to Wes Welker after having been backed up to their own five.

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