Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday Liveblogging-Waiting on California

by Jason Jones

Almost 2 hours since the last post, the results have changed more closely toward my favor. I want to address the delegate issue. Clearly, I do not agree with the delegate aspect at all. The House of Representatives members are determined by population per state. The American way is to have balance, that balance is found in the Senate; 2 across the board. In my simplistic way of thinking, whoever wins the most states wins, period. This happens in some fantasy sports. If one person dominates, we alter the rules to make it fair. The analogy is this, if Barack Obama wins 46 states and Hillary Clinton gets 4, there should be no way Clinton can win. Using hypothetical numbers for this exercise, if California, Texas, New York, and Florida are worth 1 more delegate than all of Obama’s 46 states, then something is wrong with the system. That just sound un-American. Luckily for me I don’t have to worry about delegates just yet.

I am still, like most of you, waiting for California. As it stands, including states that are close to being called…

John McCain-AZ, CT, DE, IL, NJ, NY, OK

Mittens Romney-CO, MA, MN, MT, ND, UT

Mike Huckabee-AL, AR, GA, WV

Barack Obama-AL, CO, CT, DE, GA, ID, IL, KS, MN, ND, UT

Hillary Clinton-AZ, AR, MA, NJ, NY, OK, TN

The math nerds at Fox News are reporting that even if McCain/Obama lose California, the number of delegates that would be divided would be enough to walk away from Super Tuesday with an overall lead for both McCain/Obama. Can you tell where my respective support lies? As I said before, this country cannot afford to allow Clinton/Romney to be the nominations. If you thought George W. Bush did a poor to a crappy job as President, Hillary or Mittens might make the country implode to a lack of F@#%ing existence.

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