Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Liveblogging Part II

By Rick Morris

Real Clear Politics has, as their name would indicate, the clearest election scoreboard you will find anywhere right on their front page.

On Hugh Hewitt's radio show right now, he's asking people who they voted for and, get this, apparently it's nothing but Mitt-bots calling in right now. Shocking! Wait, some little old lady just got on and called him a character assassin. How'd she get past the call screener? That was funnier than any 1,000 "Baba-Booey" phone calls combined.

No results thus far have really changed the narrative we saw coming into the night. Arizona remains too close to call, which Eye Candy Megyn Kelly claimed to be a big blow to McCain. I see somebody got their Romney talking points email today!

Notes from The Corner on National Review's website:

^ Hillary's peeps are sending out emails bragging about the red states she's winning? Uh, Hill? You're running against a guy whose middle name is "Hussein." Ever stop to think that those wins in Reagan Country may be by default?

^ Georgia is having troubles tabulating the vote.

^ Mitt Romney kissing Bob Dole's arse after being dumb enough to attack him today is getting spun like there's no tomorrow on NRO.

I just read Jason's first live-blog of the night comparing the candidates to drug use. To me, Mittens is black tar heroin, Hillary is crack (I chose her for crack so I wouldn't have the Reverend Al picketing me) and Obama is a pile of whippits.

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