Friday, February 8, 2008

Republicans in Ohio-2 beware: Jean Schmidt has NO CHANCE in the general election

By Nathan Noy

Let me paint a quick picture of what is going to happen this summer. Rolling Stone Magazine is going to give a great plug to help promote a film that is coming out that focuses on corruption in Ohio politics. The movie will almost certainly get significant traction and will have a major impact on the fall election if any of the featured individuals in the film are still candidates for political office.

Fact: As John Craig reported in the Cincinnati Enquirer I spent a few days with a Hollywood film crew in the fall of 2006.

Fact: My friend at Rolling Stone Magazine Matt Taibbi did a hilariously funny article about Jean Schmidt in November 2006 calling me a “classic Reagan-era Conservative.”

It is a virtual given that Matt will run another great piece this summer giving significant exposure to the aforementioned film. What did not get reported in the press was the purpose of the film: an in depth review of corruption in Ohio politics, focusing primarily on the likes of Tom Noe, Bob Ney, and Jean Schmidt.

I corresponded with the producers of the film this week and found out the release date is set for July 4, 2008. The ironic thing is that the time I spent with this film crew and producers actually cost me the endorsement of the Constitution Party in 2006. I had already wrapped up endorsements from the Reform Party and America First Party and I was informed that my relationship with the people from Hollywood had cost me the CP endorsement. It turns out the folks at the CP did some research and the producers of the film had strong ties to Michael Moore and the CP felt the film would essentially be a DCCC hit piece, I was skeptical of this at the time, but given what I know now, this in fact appears to be what we are in store for later this year.

I won’t spoil the film by divulging the gory details of what I gave the folks from Hollywood, but it can be safely assumed that the dirt I provided on Schmidt would rival the work of even the best investigative reporters. It was amazing how many people came out of the proverbial woodwork with information on Schmidt for me while I made my run in 2006, she has made more than a few enemies in her day.

I spent some quality time with the crew and they made it clear that my appearance in the film would be about Schmidt, not about me, but that is exactly what I wanted. After they finished with me they spent a day in Cincinnati with Jean Schmidt’s other greatest fan: Charles Foster Kane aka The Whistleblower. And if you doubt how much dirt I was able to provide on Schmidt you can rest assured that The Blower gave them enough dirt to make a dent in filling the Grand Canyon.

For those that still doubt Schmidt could have that much hanging out there consider that a person who is a sloppy enough liar to actually get publicly reprimanded by the OEC for a “reckless disregard for truth” has left more than just a few loose ends on her way up the food chain. Believe me when I say that not only will the movie paint Schmidt in a very similar light to Bob Ney, but it will also leave voters as likely to vote for Ney as they will Schmidt this fall. Also mind you that the aforementioned Ney and Noe are already doing time in the federal prison system, a place Schmidt may be headed as well if the proper authorities actually launch a few investigations after seeing the film.

The key thing in all this: everything and I mean EVERYTHING I gave these guys was 100% true. Jean Schmidt did it all, the fact that she was successful in covering it up and it finally will come back to haunt her is her own fault. When someone decides to go after a person as shady as Jean Schmidt it isn’t hard to build a strong case in a nanosecond as long as the proper stones are unturned.

So, Republicans in Ohio-2 you have the chance that the voters in Ohio-18 did not have in 2006. Imagine if the voters in OH-18 knew what they did about Ney before the primary and not after it? The seat would likely still be controlled by the Republican Party.

If Republicans want to keep this seat they MUST vote for Tom Brinkman. Oh, and by the way, Brinkman just happens to be the candidate of the two that actually voted against all of Bob Taft’s tax hikes. Brinkman happens to be the one with a clean conservative record who never bows to the special interests, and Brinkman happens to be the one that actually has an honest character. If Schmidt wins this primary, Republicans will regret it, especially as they watch a Democrat get sworn in next January.

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Rick Morris said...

Hoo boy. I can see the run-ins coming from a mile away right now :-)

May I point out for the record that if my friend of 20 years who has done bidness with the congresswoman reads this, it's got Nate's byline on it :-)

Seriously, though, you my friend have some monster nards on you. I hope that even your detractors will give you that much. I look forward to you completing the task of booking Charles Foster Kane for our next Lounge broadcast on February 17. MAKE! IT! HAPPEN!

BTW, not to stir the pot or anything, but listener phone calls on our toll-free line are more than welcome during our Whistleblower interview.

Controversy equals cash :-)