Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Hatred Toward Ron Paul Supporters

By Tony Mazur

As Rick Morris stated in the post below, Ron Paul will withdraw from the presidential race. I know, I know, it's sad for us all, but I guess he didn't appeal to the majority of the people.

Ron Paul has been described as a Constitutionalist, libertarian, and, although I don't believe it, a conservative. Personally, I think he's a goof. There is no redeeming quality about Ron Paul.

However, I do not know what's more annoying, Ron Paul's political positions, or his idiotic supporters. When referring to the 2008 presidential race, I heard someone say that "Ron Paul is the only true conservative". As a fellow conservative, I am offended to be classified with this numskull. I support the War in Iraq. I greatly support the Patriot Act. How can you not support the Patriot Act? There are savages who want to kill us, and these dummies think our rights are being infringed upon.

Ron Paul backers are all the same, no matter what age they may be. He's quite popular among college students and ex-hippies. The typical supporter is usually a liberal or libertarian. He/she probably smokes a lot of pot, and believes in ridiculous conspiracies, like UFOs and the "bombing" of the World Trade Center on September 11th. That's kind of why there actually is a chunk of people who follow Dennis Kucinich. Chances are, they do a lot of internet blogging. Also, they are usually offended by anything remotely resembling criticism against Ron Paul. These are the people who shout to the world that they are moving to Canada if [insert Republican candidate] wins the election, but never follows through.

I'm already hearing phony conspiracies about how the government is keeping Ron Paul out of the public eye. He's not Ross Perot. Ron Paul cannot affect the outcome of this coming election, even if he ran as a third-party candidate. Unfortunately, it's going to be either McCain or Obama, two candidates I'm dreading to see in the White House. I wish a viable candidate can go up against them, but it won't be the case. And Ron Paul isn't the guy.


Anonymous said...

There's a reason for the saying "From the demented mind of Tony Mazur"

de·ment·ed (dĭ-měn'tĭd)
1. Mentally ill; insane.
2. Suffering from dementia or a loss of cognitive function.

Kelton said...

Well, like it or not, he is a conservative. A lot of libertarians won't accept him as part of their camp either because of his strong stance against abortion, dislike for gay marriage, his stand on immigration, etc. Call him a paleoconservative if you like, an old-school conservative if it suits you.

His following is also just a lot of really normal conservatives who got fed-up with the Republican establishment after seeing the federal government basically double in size after electing George W. Bush and a Republican Congress.

Tony Mazur said...

I'm a George W. supporter, but I have two problems with his presidency. One of them is his stance on immigration. Another is the expanding government. And that's not what conservative believe in. However, it was explained to me that in a time of war, government expands.