Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Bogus Jean Schmidt Poll Anyone?

By Nate Noy

Late last week, the MASTER of bogus polls Jean Schmidt released the results of her latest and greatest fabrication of the truth. In a press release by her incompetent spokesperson Bruce Pfaff and shilled by the likes of a 350-pound guy that lives in his mom’s basement (aka Matt Hurley), Schmidt claims to be up 12 points in her latest poll.

Let’s review for a minute, shall we? Spring 2006: Schmidt releases a poll showing her up 25 points on Bob McEwen, end result Schmidt gets 47.75% of the vote and wins by 5.30%. Fall 2006: Schmidt releases another poll showing an 8% lead, end result Schmidt squeaks by in the general election by 1.06%, once again with less that 51% of the vote.

In her latest fabrication of the truth, Schmidt claims to have 52% of the vote to Victoria Wulsin’s 38% and David Krikorian’s 10%. Of course, it appears that when Schmidt conducted this poll, she posed the question as: “do you intend to vote for Jean Schmidt, Victoria Wulsin or some other candidate?” BAD NEWS Jean, Krikorian is ON THE BALLOT. His name is right there beside yours, and when people go to vote they won’t see “Independent Candidate” as a choice, only David Krikorian.

Does anyone really believe that after you voted to raise the minimum wage and cast a vote for the bailout in the last two years that you are now polling at an all-time high? Jean’s high-water mark in a general election is not at 52%, so how in the world can anyone take her claim that she is polling at 52% today seriously? Only the likes of someone like Matt Hurley who himself “claims” to be a conservative, then gives Schmidt a free pass on her minimum wage hike and bailout votes, could ever be chump enough to fall for that one, Jean. Of course, tools like Hurley are the reason you have made it as far as you have. Any voter with even a slightest sense about themselves will be punching Krikorian’s name in two weeks.

Oh, and word is a VALID poll will be released later this week. I can’t wait to write about that one, and I really can’t wait to see Jean Schmidt at less than 40% of the vote in two weeks.

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Rick Morris said...

Entertaining stuff as always, my man! I respect that you always call your shot in advance, right or wrong. Others should be so bold instead of waiting until after the election.

As always, the only thing I wonder about is if any of the propagandists in question even deserve to be mentioned; I almost feel like you're giving them the attention from you that they so desperately crave from you -- and certainly elevating their name ID -- but that's the beauty of The Lounge, we don't have to agree on every last aspect of everything here.

Again, really good stuff and you're telling a story that those with a vested interest just won't do.