Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FDH Insider/Goon Squad October 29

By Rick Morris

On Wednesday’s FDH Wednesday night on, we will take our listeners and viewers on yet another trip all around the sports landscape.

On THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (7-9 PM EDT), after our examination of this week’s Top 5 waiver wire selections, we break down every game on the slate for NFL Week 9. Then, in the final half hour, get ready for a little “RESPECT MAH ELIGIBILITAH” as we preview the multi-position-eligible players for fantasy baseball in 2009.

Next, on THE GOON SQUAD (9-10 PM EDT), we examine a stirring celebration of history this past week in hockey: the Canadiens’ Builders Row inductions of the three coaches who spanned four decades and might be the greatest triumvirate of bench bosses in the game’s history. From there, the question of the legitimacy of head shots is coming under more question; we’ll give you our take on the debate. We close by taking a general look back at the first month of what shapes up to be a very exciting season.

Join us for a great Wednesday night as always, only on STN!

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