Monday, October 13, 2008

Browns + MNF = Disaster?

By Paul Belfi

Well, it looks like the Kellen Winslow 'mystery illness' has taken him out of tonight's game against the NY Giants on Monday Night Football.

That being said... the analysts, the 'guys in the know' and everyone you may be listening to on TV and radio or reading online or in the paper give the Browns a snowball's chance in hell.

On paper, it sure doesn't look good. Injuries and a 'mystery illness' have not done the Browns any favors. Questionable coaching, game-time decisions, and - frankly - uninspired play on the field would lead most people to predict an impending defeat to the Giants.

The Browns' last Monday night game came in 2003 against St. Louis. Tim Couch replaced a hapless Kelly Holcomb and almost led the Browns back from a 16-point deficit to victory.

History and current circumstances make this an obvious loss for the Browns, right?

Not so fast.

The Browns are at a crossroad right now and tonight's game will define how the rest of the 2008 season will go. Redemption or fraudulence?

My money is on redemption. A close loss (or an upset win) would clearly give this team the spark of confidence it desperately needs. The Browns are too talented to be in this situation (regardless of who you think should be starting at QB).

The nation will be watching tonight... will the real Cleveland Browns please stand up?

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