Friday, October 24, 2008

Jean Schmidt supporters DEAD silent as David Krikorian closes in on winning OH 2 Congressional Race

By Nate Noy

Time is finally running out on Jean Schmidt, and her biggest supporters KNOW this. Alas, they can do nothing but keep silent and watch as Schmidt's campaign is "stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of nowhere."

Where is Matt Hurley with another Schmidt bogus poll press release? Jean is claiming to be 14 points ahead with 52%, when she won the last election by 1.06% (without David Krikorian in the race) and Schmidt polled this summer at a whopping 24.2%.

Where is Tom Blumer praising Schmidt for voting against the bailout and continuing to claim that Schmidt is not a RINO, then having to admit he was "let down" after she voted FOR a worse version of the bill that added an additional $150 billion in pork?

Where is Dave the Nix Guy? He stated "I am quite proud of my 2nd district Rep, Jean Schmidt. She probably just secured her reelection with just this vote alone" Nix Guy then went dead silent when Jean changed her vote.

Where are they, you ask? Well, I can tell you that you can stick a fork in all three of them because they are DONE! Just as Jean Schmidt is finally done as well. Their credibility is SHOT because they trusted one of the most vile and deceitful people on the planet, good old Jean Schmidt.

Jean Schmidt is nothing more than a shill for the RINO NeoCon agenda. The three aforementioned bloggers should have figured this out long ago. These three guys try to act like conservatives, but the scoreboard at the end of the day states otherwise, because they have become shills for Jean Schmidt (ironic they are shills for a shill).

The really SAD thing is that David Krikorian truly believes in a conservative agenda, one that likely aligns very well with the purported views of these guys. They should EMBRACE David as thier candidate of choice RIGHT NOW before it is too late.

The really funny thing is that none of the above can find a way to criticize David on any of his positions on the issues because they claim to believe what he does. So they are forced to throw racial slurs at him calling him the "Angry Armenian" and blasting him for questioning Jean's claims of being struck by a hit-and-run driver.

In my mind, the Jean Schmidt hit-and-run driver will be found about the same time the REAL killers in the O.J. Simpson case are tracked down. If a person has lied about a fake college degree for 17 years, gotten caught, lied on TV as part of the cover-up, and been reprimanded by the elections commission for a "reckless disregard for truth," then why is it not logical to question ANYTHING she says as being true? (Note that when I heard about this, my initial reaction was "that's awful, I don't want Jean to get taken out like that, I want to see her do the perp walk some day with her hands cuffed in front of her as she is marched into custody.") It was a logical question by future Congressman Krikorian and many of us logically thought the same thing, so blasting David for any remarks on this subject is nothing more than a Schmidt slimeball tactic.

This week, Jean attempted to manipulate David Krikorian and Victoria Wulsin into signing a "clean campaign pledge." Here is the problem: something is not an "attack" per se if it is TRUE! I commend Victoria Wulsin for sharing the TRUTH about Jean Schmidt; people should know everything about her record. Jean Schmidt has embarrassed us all and Vic has the proof on her website

But guess what, people? David Krikorian has already been running a clean campaign focusing on the issues. His response to Jean's request was: "First of all, let’s be clear, I haven’t run any attack ads against either of my opponents and do not plan to."

David's additional response to Jean's request was: "Let's do a third debate instead." However, David literally CRUSHED Jean Schmidt in the last two debates and her puppet-masters want NO PART of a third beatdown from David.

David Krikorian is far and away the BEST candidate in this race. People need to get that, and all they have to do is take a brief look at the Krikorian Plan and there is ZERO doubt that they should vote for David.

When David is elected in 11 days, the residents of Ohio 2 can once again be proud to tell people who their congressperson is. The taint and embarressment of having Jean Schmidt will finally be washed away. It's finally checkmate for Jean Schmidt, folks, and David Krikorian is the grandmaster that will finally bring one home for the good guys.


SandyW said...

Gee, I sure hope this article is true. The thought of Jean Schmidt OR Victoria Wulsin getting elected is almost scary.

natenoy said...

Thanks Sandy. David and his team will be working hard this next week to assure that he closes this thing out. Sounds like you intend to vote for David, be sure to encourage other to do the same.