Sunday, October 12, 2008

OJ goes to the can: better late than never

By Rick Morris

If you didn’t think that Orenthal would take his conviction like a man, then you’re not very disappointed right now.

It should come as no surprise that’s resident race-baiting idiot Jemele Hill (the same person who tried to get herself over by almost single-handedly starting the process that brought down Don Imus last year) doesn’t like the verdict much, either. Seriously, what kind of morally blind hater of people of a different pigmentation thinks the Juice got the right verdict 13 years ago but not now? The same kind who equated the Boston Celtics to Hitler while still holding herself up as a profound voice of social justice, that’s who. David Duke’s got nothing on her when it comes to a capacity to hate someone different than yourself.

Now, I’m no lawyer. It only took two pre-law classes in college for me to determine that I didn’t have even a fraction of the attention span necessary to get through law school. So I’m not speaking from a purely legal perspective here.

I’ll grant that it’s probably tough to find an unbiased jury pool for OJ. You’re pretty much going to have that to deal with when you get away with murder and enrage a vast majority of the country in doing so. While this case may not have represented complete justice regarding the facts at hand (although it does from where I’m sitting), what it exemplifies on every level is karmic comeuppance.

Think about it: the Juice sprinted away from justice in ‘95 as though he were juking through an airport back in those old-school Hertz commercials. A toothless civil judgment against him accomplished very little, as the Goldman family was thwarted by OJ’s shysty financial maneuverings at every turn. OJ got over – and he rubbed it in the faces of the American people at every turn.

What is most delicious about his downfall is the notion that, at least indirectly, it was triggered by the indefatigable Fred Goldman. Supposedly, Simpson’s actions in this case stemmed from a fear that somehow, the Goldman family was going to profit from the seizure of his memorabilia. As a tremendous admirer of Fred Goldman and his never-ending efforts to avenge his son, I certainly hope that the old guy was responsible for finally bringing him down. Here’s hoping that sometime in the near future, he can get a prison guard to bring OJ down for a “visit from a family member” only to have Fred Goldman get a picture of the Juice in his prison uniform on his cell phone. I think Ron would be smiling broadly from the afterlife at the thought of that.

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