Sunday, October 19, 2008

Video Clips: celebrity roasts

By Rick Morris

From time to time, we like to present various videos for your general amusement. This round was inspired by our friend Paul Belfi posting a Don Rickles roast video at the blog.

As such, we’ve mined some of the best of the best roast clips from the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. You may have seen roast clips on TV informercials for DVD collections, but thankfully, YouTube remains a hub for some great routines – and now some of those are here at The FDH Lounge. Enjoy!

Bob Newhart roasts Don Rickles

Don Rickles roasts Sammy Davis, Jr.

Don Rickles roasts Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan roasts Don Rickles

Don Rickles roasts Evel Knievel

Gabe Kaplan roasts Evel Knievel

Nipsey Russell roasts Don Rickles

Don Rickles roasts Frank Sinatra

Red Fox roasts Frank Sinatra

Orson Welles roasts Dean Martin

Vincent Price roasts Bette Davis

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