Thursday, October 16, 2008

David Krikorian the BEST Choice for Ohio-2 Voters

By Nate Noy

The race for the 2nd Congressional District of Ohio is one that generally receives a lot of national attention (see the Rolling Stone Magazine article from 2006 for proof of this.) This year, the economy is the main topic across the nation, and I believe it should be the main issue (and is), not only in the Presidential race but also in every Congressional race in America. So, voters should be asking this question as their primary criteria when deciding whom to vote for: “which candidate is best equipped to help America resolve these historical financial issues?” In Ohio 2, this answer is a no brainer: David Krikorian.

David has already hit the national radar screen, from his appearance on CNN’s Lou Dobbs to many insiders calling him the most viable independent candidate in the country. OK, so we have an independent candidate with a REAL chance; what are his qualifications to help resolve these issues in the economy? First, David holds a BA in Econ and an MBA; his opponent Victoria Wulsin holds degrees in medicine and public health -- impressive, but these degrees don’t help resolve our main issue. His other opponent, Jean Schmidt, holds a fake degree (or two, or three) and I have personally seen her college transcript (it is a matter of public record, since she used it in her defense when the Ohio Elections Commission cited her for fraud regarding the degree stating she had a “reckless disregard for truth” and made “false and misleading” statements.) Anyway, Jean took Intro to Econ three, four, or maybe it was five different times and she was a solid C student at her community college in the subject. So, education-wise, we have HUGE advantage Krikorian.

Experience is another thing to consider. David has been a small business owner for some time now. In a day where “Joe the Plumber” is getting so much press, David could tell his own stories on the Joe issue. Victoria Wulsin had been in health care her entire career, a very noble field and one to be proud of, but nonetheless not one that prepares someone to deal with the issues facing the economy. Jean Schmidt worked at her daddy’s bank for a few years, then was an aerobics instructor before she was recruited by the corrupt Larry Householder and Bob Taft regime to become a career politician. She has ZERO background, only daddy’s money. Again, HUGE advantage Krikorian.

The sad thing is that Jean Schmidt has already had a chance to help resolve this issue and has FAILED all conservatives on not one but two major votes in Congress. (Let’s of course not forget her votes in support for the highest tax increases in Ohio history, but hey, times were still good for us all then, right?) In 2007 Jean voted in favor of raising the minimum wage. This causes increases in unemployment and inflation; ask any conservative economist for proof of this. Then just a few weeks ago, Jean first voted against the $700 billion bailout, then after another $150 billion or so of pork was added to the bill Jean voted FOR it. Yep, all those chumps like Matt Hurley and Tom Blumer sure look like the proverbial fools now after coming out in strong support of her following her first vote and continuing to have this fantasy that Jean is a conservative.

There are numerous other reasons NOT to vote for Schmidt, but the above should be sufficient for any educated voter. OK, so why Krikorian? First, unlike Schmidt and Wulsin who each have taken 100’s of 1000’s of dollars in special interest group and lobbyists money, David has not taken a dime. That’s a good start to assure we are electing a person who wants to represent US, and not the people that are trying to buy his vote. Also, David has what he calls his three voting principles as he describes it:

I will follow these principles
when voting on all bills:
1. Will this bill benefit the American taxpayer?
2. Can the American taxpayer afford
this bill?
3. Does this bill uphold to the Constitution of the United States of America?

Additionally Davis promises to vote to:
• Cut Federal Spending and Balance the Budget
• Lower Taxes and Simplify the Tax Code
• Protect our Dollar and Reduce Inflation
• Reduce Size of Federal Government
• Create a Long-Term Energy
Solution that includes Nuclear, Drilling and Renewables
• Secure our Borders and Block Amnesty for Illegals
• Preserve our Constitution and Promote States Rights
• Restore your Faith in Congress

The above says enough for me. He has my endorsement and I will encourage EVERYONE I know to vote for David. Now, the challenge is to make sure enough people in Ohio 2 know about David and how he easily is the BEST choice for OH2 in 2008.

UPDATE: As I said David is a serious candidate, as proven by the fact that he has purchased airtime on Television.

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