Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Oba-Media seeks to destroy Joe the Plumber

By Rick Morris

Rarely if ever do you get as clear of a picture prior to an election about what the most likely outcome of the moment would resemble. Essentially, right now, for all intents and purposes Barack Obama already is the president. The feeb that we’ve got in there right now can’t be bothered to come out of his spider hole for more than ten minutes a week for public appearances – which is probably a good thing, though, because both the markets and John McCain’s poll numbers plummet every time he opens his piehole. So in this amazing and tragic leadership vacuum, Congress is the dominant institution of the moment and the Pelosi/Reid Dastardly Duo is subordinating all other considerations to the election of the Obamessiah. In many respects, George Bush’s abdication of the national bully pulpit has thrust Obama into the role of center of the universe and de facto incumbent right now even though tens of millions of idiots continue to view their hero as an outsider shaking his fist at The Man. [sigh]

The icy and ruthless Nancy Pelosi has already announced plans to follow up the McCain-Feingold partial repeal of the First Amendment with a law that would probably go significantly more than halfway past decimating it altogether: the return of the Fairness Doctrine. With a new division of leftist thugs at the FCC empowered to monitor for signs that radio and TV stations are not presenting the vaunted “equal time” to opposing points of view, the longtime liberal dream of extinguishing speech it finds inconvenient will be that much closer to reality.

With the pinkos in Congress already having merged with the intimidation crew at Daily Kos and other sewage pits on the Web, the appendage yet to be merged with these jackboots could be fated to join them on November 4: the executive branch. Picture the IRS, ATF and countless other agencies at the mercy of Obama and a Congressional supermajority. [shudder]

And of course, let’s not forget the media, which has been a vital part of the Obama machine since Day One. Right now, they’re busy sliming Joe the Plumber as a phony who doesn’t meet every government technicality for his profession and isn’t on the verge of buying that business like, say, tomorrow. “Man of the People” Joe Biden uses him as a punchline, mocking his aspirations for ever making a quarter of a million dollars with a plumbing business. Doubtless Nancy Pelosi is drawing up plans for a Stalinist show trial next spring, where she can force Joe at gunpoint to renounce his decision to confront Our Dear Leader publicly about his stated socialist economic philosophies.

Left unsaid by the media: why they haven’t devoted any resources to investigating – and more importantly, publicizing – the record of unrepentant terrorist bomber and former Obama associate Bill Ayres … or Obama’s ties to his sugar daddy, newly convicted felon Tony Rezko … or any of the other reprehensible cronies who have surrounded this typical Chicago pol over the years. If Charles Manson endorsed Obama, that would be taken by the media as evidence in and of itself of his rehabilitation – and if Mother Teresa came back from The Afterlife to endorse McCain, we’d be reading a three-part expose of her charitable activities inside of a week in the New York Times.

I’d like to think that the “expose” of Joe the Plumber, an average blue-collar American who dared to speak truth to power, will be something we look back on in the years to come and say, “Man, did the media lose it back in the fall of ’08. They wanted Obama to win so badly that they were willing to smear a powerless citizen just because he exercised his First Amendment rights” – but the pessimist in me fears that this is just the beginning and we won’t even recognize the First Amendment in the future once this alliance of hack politicians, vengeful bureaucrats, bought-and-paid-for mainstream media weasels and Internet bullies is finished shredding it.

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Tony Mazur said...

As if people aren't already shutting their radios off, imagine if the Fairness Doctrine came back. N.P.R. all day long.

"Joe The Plumber" has been criticized by the left all week. Whether Joe was the real deal or a setup, he has a point.