Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Call the wah-mbulance, McNabb

By Rick Morris

Some people are less fun to call out than others. You feel like you're curb-stomping Bambi when you call them to account.

Take Donovan McNabb, for example. He's a respected leader on his team who is probably headed for the Hall of Fame. He's a positive contributor to the Philadelphia community who has had to surmount the skepticism of a hyper-critical fanbase. He loves his momma -- a soup commercial wouldn't lie!

But sometimes he really loves to whine. Previously, he embraced the poisonous notion that a lot of the heat that had come his way was racially biased. Now, he is passive-aggressively whining about the potential for regular-season ties in the NFL -- a possibility that should have remained purely academic but was not because he and his team choked against one of the most putrid squads in the NFL in the Bungles.

Rather than accept responsibility for the tie (which was really a loss for the Eagles because of the crushing blow it delivered to their playoff chances) or at least keep his mouth shut about his embarrassing ignorance, he vented about not knowing the obvious:

"I guess we're aware of it now," McNabb said. "In college, there are multiple overtimes, and in high school and Pop Warner. I never knew in the professional ranks it would end that way. I hate to see what would happen in the Super Bowl and in the playoffs."

Well, there's actually sudden death in the playoffs and Super Bowl with multiple overtimes if need be -- but that won't be a concern of yours this year, will it, Don?

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