Monday, November 24, 2008

Reaction to Barack Obama ES

By Tony Mazur

Last night, I posted a blog about a Long Island elementary school changing their name to "Barack Obama Elementary School". Kind of premature, don't you think? The man hasn't even become the president yet. Even Obama supporters should feel that this is too early.

However, as I read the comments on the story, a rage came over me. While I agreed with many of the comments (from both sides of the political spectrum), there were a few that proved to me what is truly wrong with America. Those who supported the name change accused the other posters as being racist and full of hate, a common theme. Let me share a few with you, misspellings and inaccuracies in all. The comments from the ABC website are in italics, and my two cents will be in bold.

"WOW! The hate I see spewed here is incredible! I guess it just goes to underline that ABC is actually a Republican media outlet...

All you haters out there: Can't you see that the last eight years were solely the result of republican 'leadership'? The president (Cheney...) was republican, Congress was republican (yes, we had a slim majority of dems the last 2 years, but not enough to affect any change, because of something called FILIBUSTER), so ALL THIS MESS we are in is THANKS TO REPUBLICANS and their combined greediness!

So, now we finally have someone who promises HOPE and CHANGE (even IF it would be just change from the direction of the disatrous last eight years!), and people in the street are starting to breathe sighs of relief and excitement again - and here you come, trying to squash them.

Kids are excited, black kids have a rolemodel, and you are demeaning them? Here you have one black person who 'made' it, and who is willing to help YOU and willing to help get some selfesteem into the black (as well as white and latino and asian!) community, and you poo-pooh the pride coming out of kids.
Way to go, repubs! You are just jealous that 'YOUR' president has not inspired kids to rename 'their' schools after him!
(What would that name be: "Dumbya" school? or "My Pet Goat" school? or "I got my millions, don't care about you" school? How about "Abu Ghraib School" or "Guantanamo's Best" school.)
Apparently this person is allergic to proper grammar, punctuation, and bringing up intelligent points.

You go, kids of Barack Obama School! Don't let anyone take your excitement away from you! Now, follow his example and strive to be the best you can be, and don't forget compassion to others! Follow his example of lying about your background to get elected into office, and if someone calls you on it, play the race card.

A lot of these comments demonstrate why the Republican Party now has a 61% disapproval rating. Keep it up. Maybe you can drive it into the 70's or 80's and make yourselves completely irrelevant. That is, until the American people get fed up with the Democratic Empire and vote Republican in 2010.

What a very nice and inspiring thing to do... With so much hate out there, it's good to know that there is also HOPE. What is this 'Hope' word I've heard so much about. Whatever it means, I haven't seen any.

It's wonderful when a President, who ran a campaign based on integrity, honesty, fairness, no dirty stricks, and his life is a model of hard work despite big obstacles to aim for the highest level of education, has inspired little children to do the same in their own life. I am sure that from now on all of them will work harder with a smile on their face and are proud of themselves. Obama's wish to make things better from each one of us and from the bottom up already has happened. I had wished the same and am so proud of all those little ones. He ran a campaign based on cult status. The only thing he inspired me was to not vote Democrat. And what were the big obstacles? Denouncing a racist preacher that you've went to for twenty years? Having a wife that won't shut her fat mouth? Having ties to anti-Semites, anarchists, anti-Christs, and terrorists?

What a great story. As someone who works in the juvenile justice system, it's wonderful to see those children energized about our political system. I think P.E. Obama will be a great role model for our young minority children. Through him, they will see that they can achieve great things through hard work. Three cheers for the Barak Obama Elementary School. You go kids!!! Mom and dad should be at the top of the list when it comes to role models in a child's life, no matter the race, gender, or sexuality.

I'm sure a lot of the haters on here have done such great things for this country, NOT.
Oh, I get it. This poster used sarcasm on us! He took me one way when I thought he was going another. How clever of you!

This is a great story. All of the negative comments about what these kids did seem to be from sore losers or something worse. It is about time our young people take pride in their government. Young people have NO SAY. A citizen cannot vote until they are eighteen years of age. Who cares what a bunch of 5th graders say about the state of our country. Talk to me when a 5th grader brings up a poignant idea when it comes to foreign policy and the financial crisis.

TOTALLY AWESOME! Like, far out! Marvy!

What a wonderful story! I expect many more schools, post offices, buildings and CHILDREN to be named after our new President! Explain to your children why their name and/or the name of their school is named after an incompetent Chicago politician.

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