Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama, the House Negro

By Tony Mazur

In a rather humorous story, Osama bin Laden's senior deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri condemned President-elect Barack Obama as a "house Negro" doing the bidding of white masters. al-Zawahiri also stated that Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice fit into that generalization. He later said that Obama is the "new face" of America only masked by a "heart full of hate".

This has apparently offended the liberal media and black leaders such as Al Sharpton. The amusing part about this story is the fact that the media is shocked that Al-Qaeda would make a "racial statement". This surprises them. You know, Al-Qaeda has killed thousands and thousands of people, with little to no outrage. But so help them God (or Allah?) that they make a racial slur towards our next president!

Maybe liberals have finally come to the realization that prejudice can come from other races besides just white people.

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