Sunday, November 16, 2008

The hate that proudly belches its name

By Rick Morris

Society has certainly come a long way from the time when homosexuality was dubbed “the love that dare not speak its name.” Today, radical gay activists, behaving with childish rage after voters of the (LIBERAL!!!) state of California said no to the Cali Supreme Court’s attempt to unilaterally redefine marriage via judicial fiat, are lashing out violently at those who supported Proposition 8.

From online threats of violence to churches who are being blamed for promoting the Word of God as they see it to actual threats voiced at violent protests at church grounds to punching helpless old people to engaging in economic blackmail against those who lawfully used their First Amendment rights, these degenerates are showing their true rainbow colors at every opportunity.

On his excellent nationally syndicated radio program this past week, Dennis Prager interviewed a small business owner who was being threatened by one of these jackals. It was chilling to hear the voicemail that was left by this vengeful coward, who threatened to ruin his business via economic boycott. For the record, this is also being done coast to coast to Prop 8 donors as religious bigots try to intimidate them via contact with friends, family, business associates and co-workers. This lawful though highly immoral practice is actually among the milder forms of protest being practiced by the mob rule currently on display in California – and it is being encouraged by the idiot roid-head who currently occupies the governor’s mansion.

Prager correctly points out that for all the cries of right-wing moralism run amok in this country, it’s actually the other side, the secular, anti-religious wing of American life, that deals in prissy moral absolutism and self-proclaimed superiority. He is correct to note that, if you disagree with a leftist, you are deemed an evil person not worthy of being extended the courtesy of basic humanity. This is only true of people of this political persuasion. As a lifelong Roman Catholic, and not one of those phony ones who picks and chooses what he believes of church doctrine, I have my own thoughts on homosexuality, yet I choose not to use my platform to gay-bash and have only ever been polite to gays (as I am with everyone) on a personal level during my admittedly limited contact with them. I don’t take my beliefs about homosexuality, which are rooted in religious belief, as license to somehow act as God’s Avenger – God doesn’t need me to do that and indeed, wouldn’t want me to appoint myself as the man to wield that rhetorical (or actual) baseball bat. Certainly, gays of the radical political stripe would not be quick to accord me the same courtesy.

Gays have made tremendous strides towards acceptance of their lifestyle in recent years, which I admit to noting with dismay in terms of what I believe the implications for the future of society to be. But through the ham-handedness of those who manage what is deemed as the gay political agenda, these gains are at risk as anti-Prop 8 rage is turned on the mainstream and a backlash looms. Keep it up, gay marriage supporters!

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