Friday, November 7, 2008

Uh, I didn’t vote for that sh$%!!!

By Rick Morris

For anyone who willfully ignored anything during the campaign except mindless mantras of “hope” and “change” (this does not describe all Obama voters, but certainly several that I know personally and doubtless represents a great deal more), here are the points that people can whine about after the fact and pretend that they had no way of knowing about ahead of time – if they don’t want to do the right and brave thing and own exactly what their vote was in this election year.

^ layoffs and other economic dampening resulting from “raising taxes only on the rich”

^ drastic cuts in defense spending and the message our country’s enemies will extrapolate from that

^ seeing George W. Bush’s drastic and irresponsible expansion of the federal budget – and raising it exponentially

^ gay marriage

^ removal of a secret ballot in union elections

^ erasing every restriction to complete abortion-on-demand and taxpayer funding for Third World abortions

^ using the federal bailout as a steppingstone to further takeover of American industry

^ moving from offense against terrorists to reading them their rights and shutting down Gitmo

^ appointment of judges to the federal bench who choose to legislate unilaterally rather than interpret the Constitution, thus moving us further down the road to banana republic status

^ not even pretending to care about enforcing the Mexican border

^ Iran/Russia/Venezuela veto control over American foreign policy

^ shredding of the Second Amendment through crippling gun taxes, restrictive laws and the end of concealed carry

^ restoration of the “Fairness Doctrine,” a mandate that would essentially (allowing for poetic license!) allow Nancy Pelosi to throw anybody she doesn’t like off of the public airwaves

^ renouncing the effort to honor the sacrifices of our troops in Iraq by getting the job finished correctly – instead pulling them out according to asinine arbitrary timetables instead of continuing the pullout according to the pace of events on the ground

^ bankrupting of the clean coal industry and anyone else who stands in the way of Al Gore’s proposed throwback to prehistoric times

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