Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mark Markersons 4 Obama

By Rick Morris

At, we've developed a shorthand term for wrestling fans who are still just a little bit too into the whole "It's still real to me!" world. "C'mon, ref, that should be a DQ!" Any time we encounter such a super-mark, such as when we're watching a pay-per-view at Harpo's (a world-class sports bar in Brook Park, OH, but one that is overrun with such creatures whenever a PPV is on the tube), we just refer to him as a "Mark Markerson."

I'm reminded of this every day during this election when I see the fervent idiotic joy of the Obama backers. Rather than view this election for what it is -- a dreary choice between two men who navigated the greasy poles of their respective political parties to put us in the position of choosing between the lesser of two evils (in terms of their policies, as opposed to the men themselves, as I have already said that John McCain is an American hero) -- these blissfully naive souls delude themselves into thinking that a Chicago machine pol with copious ties to '60s radicals will be a positive transformative figure in world history.

Over-enthusisasm is nothing new in political history. But with the blossoming of the Internet, we have opportunities available to no previous generations in terms of vetting candidates ourselves. Even if you don't own a computer, you can go to any library in the country, go online, and research for yourself.

Instead, doofuses from coast to coast will walk into polling places mindlessly chanting "Hope" and "Change" while putting complete trust in an individual who commands cult-like loyalty from them. Mark Markerson has gone from being representative of somebody who yells weird things at rasslin' matches to personifying the American electorate in an increasingly infantile age. God help us all.

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