Saturday, November 8, 2008

Video Clips: The best of Ari Gold

By Rick Morris

One of our great loves at The FDH Lounge -- classic TV characters. There are few who are better written and there are few who are better acted (by Jeremy Piven, with a character based on his real-life agent) than Entourage's Ari Gold, Hollywood super-agent. There are so many different words that can be used to describe Ari. Hyper-competitive. Insensitive. Politically incorrect. Ruthless. Unintentionally (in terms of how the character behaves) hilarious. But the most fitting ones are intense, compelling and always entertaining. Here's a tribute to TV's Ari Gold, with some of his greatest moments:

Ari's speech to his wife and their therapist:

Ari's classic humilation of his backstabbing former protege, Josh Weinstein:

Ari's wife and therapist try to get him to deal with anger issues:

A jealous Ari retaliates by sexually harrassing his friend's fiancee:

Ari bitchslaps a rival in front of his whole office:

Ari stresses out during high-stakes blackjack:

Ari confronts more anger issues:

Ari gets thrown in the pool:

Ari gets sucked into a hostile sit-down with the town's other super-agents:

Ari doesn't respond well to his wife's nagging:

Ari vows to "punish" his wife:

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