Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obamanation Entitlement

By Tony Mazur

(DISCLAIMER: This piece may display thoughts that might not necessarily reflect the other members of The FDH Lounge community. If it offends you, please click here.)

Barack Obama has been the president-elect for about nine days, and I already cannot wait until 2012.

There happens to be a recent trend going on in America following last week's presidential election. It seems that since Barack Obama was elected, some people feel that he truly is Jesus Christ. They feel that he is their savior. They feel that they can get away with anything they want because Obama was elected.

In my countless hours of research, I have found that black people are the main offenders.

I'm not saying all black people feel this way. There is a lump sum that feel that Obama's win isn't just a victory for black people, but a victory for America. But those who do not pay taxes and live in the slums feel that Obama rises them up on eagles' wings.

An example of this comes straight from my account. I was driving through a predominately black neighborhood in my 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix, when I was screamed at by an Obama supporter. The lady opened her window, yelling "OBAMA! OBAMA!", probably because of my McCain/Palin 2008 sticker on my bumper. I will tell you that I NEVER did that to Kerry supporters in 2004 and Gore backers in 2000. That really shows how much class these idiots have.

Another example that I've heard was a black man was walking across the street, without looking, and it forced a white driver to slam on his brakes. The driver shouted at the pedestrian for walking into traffic, and the black man responded by saying that they can do whatever they want now that Obama is president. This was followed by racial epithets towards the white driver.

Well, Obama is not president yet.

I despise this attitude. Again, I realize that not all black people feel this way. But these few bad apples truly spoil the bunch, if I may use a cliche.

There was a story on a local Cleveland newscast the other night about how a Cuyahoga County recorder fired an employee for a joke about Barack Obama. Lillian Greene, the recorder, is black and voted for Obama last week, and she was offended by the joke, "How does it take one black man to run a country, when it takes eleven to run a White Castle?"

If anybody thinks that racism is gone in America just because a [half] black man has become the president, then they are dead wrong. Just because the man is of color does not mean that it gives them the entitlement of doing whatever they please. Was this a historic election for minorities? Of course. But the same people who claimed that they did not vote for Obama because of his race (98%+ of black Americans voted for Obama), bring up his race every chance they get.

I understand that many white people voted for Barack Obama. Many were tired of eight years of George W. Bush. Others vote on the party line. But when it came to the young, misguided voters who filled in the Obama circle, they had no idea who he is. They didn't follow his platform, they didn't follow the issues or his background, they followed his personality. McCain didn't seem interesting, so they pulled for Obama because of his hype. White youth emulates black culture. They listen to rap music and wear baggy clothes, which are elements of black culture.

Folks, enjoy the next four years. Enjoy the "change", or lack thereof. Things will appear the same, but with a Democratic-controlled government, the "change" will not be for the better. With the Fairness Doctrine looming overhead, the ban on semi-automatic weapons, the raising of taxes, and the increasing of government, it will not be a good time for working class Americans. But those who do not pay taxes will not know the plight of these hard-working people. They'll still keep Barack Obama on that phony pedestal.


Jacob Rosen said...

I am a white liberal economics major at the Marianist school, the University of Dayton (that used to be an oxymoron). I listen to indie rock music, and certainly have never jumped into the middle of the street just because Barack Obama is President. This country is different now. If you really want to call that ignorance, go ahead. You are missing the point.

I don't see how anyone who voted for Barack Obama would want to read this article. You are taking the wrong approach with your blog by alienating more than half of the voting population in this country. Stick to sports.

Tony Mazur said...

Again, I understand that not everyone feels this way. I'm telling this from my own account. There is a social change in this country that I do not like.

This blog gives me a forum to discuss issues like this. Otherwise, I would only be able to blow some steam off in the privacy of my own home (because I get chastised for it on my own show).

I'm not a fan of Obama. I did not vote for him. Those who did may not read this blog, the same way that I will not read liberal blogs or watch NBC News/MSNBC, ABC News, CNN, or listen to Air(head) America.