Sunday, November 30, 2008

FDH Lounge Show #39: November 30, 2008

By Rick Morris

THE FDH LOUNGE makes its Sunday night swan song tonight on as we prepare for a consolidation of FDH programming on Wednesday nights. For one last time, we appear from 8-11 PM EST before getting ready for our new home of 7-10 PM EST every Wednesday starting December 10. Subsequently, THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER and THE GOON SQUAD will become half-hour shows-within-a-show, tying together all FDH programming into one nice, neat bundle each week!

For this final Sunday extravaganza, we start with The FDH Lounge Dignitaries’ Opening Statements, then we’re honored to welcome in ESPN Senior Baseball Writer Jayson Stark. We will discuss his excellent book THE STARK TRUTH: THE MOST OVERRATED AND UNDERRATED PLAYERS IN BASEBALL HISTORY as well as his thoughts on the recent baseball postseason. As a former sportswriter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, he’s got thoughts on the accomplishments of the Phillies as well as the historic nature of what the Rays managed this year.

From there, we take a look at some of our best FDH Lounge segments on Sunday nights, specifically some from our debut episode on January 14, 2007. These roundtables included the following:

^ Why can’t pro wrestling be an Olympic sport (a serious question meant to challenge why it couldn’t be in as a form of performance art much as figure skating and synchronized swimming presently are)?

^ Celebrities that burn our a$%es!

^ It takes two to tango but three to die (celebrity deaths in threes).

Then, in Hour Two, we are joined by STN Pro Wrestling Insider contributor Mike Ptak. With a work schedule that has kept him recently from commiting to a regular STN schedule, Mike is preparing to join up with FDH for some fine on-demand video as part of the new FDH Lounge TV project. With videoblogs on pro wrestling and Major League Baseball on the way, Mike still has a lot to say and he’ll be on with us to talk about these topics.

Then, well into Hour Two, we break down the conclusion of one of the longest-running music stories of all time: the release after a decade-and-a-half of the G’n’R CHINESE DEMOCRACY album and also take a look ahead to our first Wednesday Lounge show with a special theme: fantasy supergroup drafting! Much as we have assembled teams of beautiful women and presidential candidates in the past, we will each be drafting our ultimate rock bands and competing for the approval of our guest judge. Who has the best musical taste in The Lounge? We will find out December 10.

Towards the end of Hour Two, we will rate the first batch of musical mashups found on YouTube and brought into The FDH Lounge.

Then, much of our third hour will feature The FDH Lounge Pigskin Report, as we first navigate a weird and troubling college football BCS situation, then evaluate the happenings in the National Football League.

Be sure to join us in The FDH Lounge for our Sunday night finale! A new era begins on December 10, be there as we bring down the curtain for this one, only on STN.

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