Saturday, January 5, 2008

'08 NFL Draft Profile. . .Glenn Dorsey

by Jason Jones

Glenn Dorsey – DT – Louisiana State University – 6’2, 305 lbs

Glenn Dorsey is worth the hype. I am not a fan of taking any defensive lineman #1 overall, signed Courtney Brown. However, as much as I am not a fan of DL going #1 or LSU at all, he may just be deserving. Dorsey is a monster in a position where you don’t expect much monstrous characteristics. This may just be the kind of talent that could compete in statistics like sacks and tackles for loss with those of Defensive Ends. He is the most explosive DT we have seen since Warren Sapp. Although we don’t think much of Sapp now, no question he would have been worth the pick as early as 4 years pre-Buccaneers Super Bowl victory (2000). Explosiveness is the first word that comes to mind when describing Glenn Dorsey. He gets great penetration and can take on two blockers consistently without slowing down. Unlike most defensive lineman in this or any draft, Dorsey could and based on where he will get drafted should start yesterday for whoever drafts him. Most believe that will be Miami. Dorsey is the ideal height and weight to play in a standard 4-3 defensive scheme. He is the prototype at his position. He is a run stuffer as well as a DT that will consistently collapse the front side of the pocket. As the kids say, Glenn Dorsey is the truth. Any team who need to address DT or run defense, can all but fix their issues in both categories by simply selecting Glenn Dorsey in the draft. The only problem is that there are at least 29 teams who have not shot unless they trade up, which Parcells is probably willing to entertain. The best Defensive Tackle and/or Defensive Player in the draft. A can’t miss prospect. Most favorably compared to a young Warren Sapp with Reggie White like tendencies.

2008 NFL DRAFT PROJECTION: First Round - #1 Overall (no lower than 4 overall)

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