Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan primary predictions

By Rick Morris

Mitt Romney, having provided a nauseating microcosm of his larger campaign by pandering and telling Michigan voters exactly what they want to hear about how he will be able to restore their economic greatness by executive fiat, should be able to buy his first real win (no, we're not including you, Wyoming, nobody cares) with his inherited wealth (just what this country hasn't had enough of over the decades, huh, a president from the "Lucky Sperm Club") during this election cycle. I'll go out on a limb and predict he'll finish ahead of John McCain by as many as four points. Mike Huckabee will trail Romney by at least a dozen points.

Thus far, my predictions about the winners have been two for four. I was right about Obama, wrong about Romney (yay!) in Iowa, and right about McCain, wrong about Obama in New Hampshire (but so was the rest of the world, so give me a break on that!).

Keep one fact in mind if my prediction is right and Romney does eke this one out: when Hugh Hewitt and the rest of the "Mittens is Our Messiah" crew of sellouts in the Republican party and conservative movement crow about how McCain can't win even when independents can come in and vote for him and that Romney is the choice of true Republicans: the ONLY organized attempt to corral votes outside the Republican party for any candidate was organized on behalf of Willard Mitt Romney himself by the jerks over at Daily Kos. If I were a betting man, I'd wager heavily on Hughey leaving that tidbit out of his victory lap (speaking of which, how fast can you run when you're wearing kneepads, anyway?).

And for anyone needing one more recommendation on what a vile fraud the Romney candidacy really is, I'm happy to point you to this excellent roundup at Bizzyblog. Just the mere fact that I'm directing traffic to the Biz points out what strange bedfellows politics can make -- I don't like him, because he repeatedly slimed my good friend and our FDH Lounge Dignitary Nate Noy on behalf of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, for whom the Biz is in the tank. But Nate is actually the person who has done the most to educate me on the dangers of Mittens and his band of Kool-Aid drinkers, so I'm sure he'd approve of me directing readers to the anti-Romney roundup on that site. I guess the FDH credo is that the enemy of our enemy is a slightly lesser enemy!


Matt Hurley said...

I know BizzyBlogger personally and traded more than a few emails with Nate Noy as well. One thing you forgot to mention was that the Natester was out of his league running for that race and if you ask him now, he ought to tell you that and if he doesn't tell him that he ought to remember the advice that Matt Hurley gave him...

Rick Morris said...

I didn't forget to mention anything, pal. I never do.

I don't need any educating on that race. I speak with Nate regularly as he is one of my closest friends and he is a longstanding part of our FDH family and he has my complete loyalty. Bros before hos and all that.

There are many, many elements of that race that obviously did not go according to plan for him and I'm not going to elaborate on them and throw him under the bus just to try to prove my objectivity to anyone.

Since I was directing traffic from our blog to the Biz, I felt out of loyalty to my friend and associate that I should note for the record that my admiration for the Biz's anti-Romney compendium did not constitute an endorsement by me of his site. Plus, I don't like bullies in general and he went out of his way to direct vitriol at a good guy on a regular basis -- just because he could. I know he's your boy and you don't like it, but tough toenails.

I don't run from any comments here as you can see; the comment moderating exists only because of spam attacks. Any subsequent comments from you will also be published if you can continue to restrain your Nate Noy hatred to exclude profanities and family-unfriendly language.