Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tears of the Mitt-Bots are sweet nectar

By Rick Morris

Schadenfreude. It's the German word for deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others.

I get accused of partaking of it fairly frequently, and I have to plead guilty to that. It's pretty fun to bask in people getting the figurative fecal matter that they deserve thrown at them -- don't knock it until you've tried it.

My latest opportunity in life to point and say, "what goes around, comes around" regards the useful idiots in Mittens' Hollow Army who are crying their pathetic eyes out about the prospect of the Republican presidential nomination being delivered to John McCain. Now, I should preface the following commentary by noting that I supported Fred Thompson previously (quite ardently, I might add -- and repeatedly -- and repeatedly again!), but I now support McCain in the sense that he is the only major candidate for president against whom I am not irretrievably opposed (how's that for a hearty endorsement?).

So, not to make the Mitt-Idiots feel worse -- ah, who am I kidding? -- OK, I revel in making them feel worse -- but it's their fault.

That's right, those who are the most ardent proponents of Trust Fund Willard at the moment -- like this shameless spinner who cancer-mongered Fred when he got into the race, in one of the scummiest displays in recent political history -- they are weeping, sniveling, crying and otherwise conducting themselves in the same fashion as their hero. How about the sight of Rich Boy Romney going into the fetal position last night about McCain's characterization of his Iraq position, as though Romney didn't spend a ton of his inherited wealth to dump slime via TV ads on everyone in the race thus far.

Mark Levin has recently taken to insulting Republicans opposing Romney as RINOs. But since the real fault for this state of affairs lies with all of the weasels who could have backed the only real conservative Fred Thompson but chose to back a fraudulent loser, the RINO Levin is in closest contact with these days is the man in the mirror.


Mmatters said...

Although the signs are, thankfully, very good, it's too early for premature e-celebration.

Rick Morris said...

Oh, I take nothing for granted. It is not over and indeed I have some folks under the same roof with me (professional Republicans) here at The FDH Lounge who feel the aversion I have towards Romney -- but they direct it at McCain instead. So I know that the people who are effectively pro-Romney (look, it's a zero-sum game right now, so if you're anti-McCain then you're pro-Romney in the sense that I'm not rah-rah for McCain but am supporting him because I can't stand Mittens) are not going to give up, even after Super Tuesday.

I don't like the state of affairs any better than a lot of the Mitt-Bots -- but unlike them, I'm realistic to know that the horse has left the barn. This country had its opportunity, one chance at a great candidate in a crappy field (well, the major candidates were pretty sucky collectively -- I love Hunter, Brownback, Tancredo, etc. but as a purist I am drawn to the hopeless heroes) and we blew it, in no small part because the jerks lining up behind Trust Fund Willard refused to help solidify Fred. Now we're left with a choice between a dangerous liar and somebody with McCain's maverick tendencies. Well, I'd rather get stabbed in the front than in the back, thank you very much.

Until Romney packs it in and retreats to Massachusetts to plot whatever further assaults on our democracy he may have up his sleeve, I will continue to pound his campaign and will continue to point readers to the anti-Romney catch-all you have on your site. I look forward to whatever additions you make to that as the campaign rolls along.

And on one more political note, be sure to catch the Whistleblower, who is in the process of being booked for an upcoming Lounge program by a certain Dignitary of ours -- some people in Southwest Ohio can probably guess who that is :-)

Mmatters said...

Wow. The WB and the Dignitary. Can't wait.