Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Human Events: keeping integrity with Fred

By Rick Morris

Previously in this space, we've bemoaned the Who's Who of Republican politics and the right-wing intelligentsia who have either overtly or covertly gone in the tank for Willard Mitt Romney, the say-anything slick CEO running for president. The mad stampede to sell out to the deep-pockets trust fund tool has been infuriating and demoralizing, as these influential instruments of opinion have cited the need to back Romney to preserve the Reagan coalition all while marginalizing the true Reaganite candidate in the race in Fred Thompson.

Well, one publication has bucked the trend and I am not surprised that their integrity was not for sale.

Human Events, an important right-wing news and opinion outlet that has served this country well for decades, came to the only conclusion that any fair-minded and intellectually honest conservative could: Fred Thompson should be the next president of These United States.

I am prouder than ever that I have subscribed to this fine magazine and that I interviewed for it once when I was briefly considering relocating to Washington, D.C. Their endorsement article is outstanding and I urge everyone reading these words to click on it and review their many persuasive points.

If you still need to be convinced, please review Fred's comprehensive final address to the voters of Iowa just prior to the caucuses. While the references to the Hawkeye State are somewhat dated, they are few and far between and do not overshadow the many components of the plan he communicates to the American people.

Voters from across the political spectrum are united this year in the belief that these are urgent times for our country calling for steadfast leadership anchored to priceless principles. Only one man can provide that to us and lead us back towards greatness and his name is Fred Dalton Thompson.

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