Sunday, January 27, 2008

Politically incorrect icons of yesteryear

By Rick Morris

We're linking to three excellent pieces from The Don and Tony Show blog to welcome our newest contributor to The FDH Lounge blog, our friend Tony Mazur. Along with another friend of ours, Don Peterson, Tony is the host of the aforementioned Don and Tony Show on Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM EST. Their show is in the timeslot that has traditionally anchored STN programming ever since its inception in 2002. As you will note if you listen to or view their program, read their blog or read Tony's words on this site subsequently, they are very talented individuals who have accomplished a great deal at an early age (a few years less than a half-century combined). Both gentlemen have produced for FDH-brand programs already and Tony has expressed an interest in building on the relationship, which we are happy to do.

As an example of the creativity you may expect here from Tony, here are three columns he produced for his show blog, all dealing with politically incorrect icons of yesteryear:

^ The Sleazy Strip Club
^ The Marlboro Man
^ Joe Camel

Yeah, this guy's going to fit in just fine! Welcome aboard, Tony!

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