Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't weep for Hillary

By Rick Morris

Less than a week after Barack Obama stunned the world by drilling Hillary Clinton in Iowa and seizing the mantle of front-runner, the Clintons shockingly exceeded their 1992 moment of triumph in New Hampshire (keep in mind Bubba didn't actually win the state that year). Her late surge, forecast by none of the polls (and not by me as I picked her to lose by double digits) was truly amazing, and indicates that these two titans of the Democratic Party should be dueling later than any of us would have thought possible. Forty years after the legendary 1968 political season, we may yet be moving into a year with just as many earthquakes and shocks to the system.

And this isn't even taking into account the action on the Republican side. John McCain bested the expectations of many observers, including myself, by "beating the spread" against Mitt Romney. The expected late surge for Romney did not materialize. Never fear, however, as Romney Minister of Propaganda Hugh Hewitt attempts to enlighten all of us dummies who think that a winner has to actually win a contested election at some point. The message? Mittens will keep trying to purchase the nomination with his huge inheritance and the aid and comfort of the GOP and "Conservative Movement" elites. On to Michigan, where McCain and Huck can hopefully bury the Plastic Panderer for good.

As for my boy Fred Thompson, it's getting late pretty early, as Yogi Berra might say. Here's hoping he can edge ahead of Huck for a needed win in South Carolina so that the media can get off his back.

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