Saturday, January 12, 2008

FDH Lounge Show #23: January 13, 2008

By Rick Morris

It's THE ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION of THE FDH LOUNGE on this Sunday night from 8-11 PM EST! As you would expect from the program where "nothing is off-topic," we have a multiplicity of topics that The Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge will be addressing.

In Hour One, after the Opening Statements, we'll be hearing from our good friend Jake Digman, the right-hand man over at the North American Allied Fight Series and Pro Karate Weekly. He'll be discussing several matters with us, including the new NAAFS program coming to STN this Tuesday at 9 PM EST, the rise of MMA as a whole into a huge force in the sports business and what it is like to work with a promotion showcasing some of the hottest up-and-coming amateur and pro fighters. Next, we'll revisit the shocking ups and downs in presidential politics since our last program on December 30 and that will take us well into the second hour.

Then it's time to look back at a year of great FDH Lounge programming. Nobody's ever tried to put on a show as ambitious in scope as this one and we'll revisit topics we covered, as well as overall events between January 14, 2007 and now. This should be another one of our now-legendary free-for-all segments that could verge anywhere and everywhere.

Once we move past that, shortly into Hour Three, we'll be joined by one of our regular guests in The Lounge, dare we say someone verging on Honorary Dignitary status in Russ Cohen. He's the proprietor of Sportsology, a great website dedicated to the vast sports landscape, and he was in Buffalo for the great Winter Classic NHL outdoor game on New Year's Day. He'll tell us exactly what it was like to be there, how it compared to the first NHL outdoor game in Edmonton (which he also attended) a few years ago, what he hears about the future of such events, and much, much more.

We'll wrap up our three hours with The FDH Lounge Pigskin Report, as we take a final look back at the college bowl season, an early glance ahead to the NFL Draft and an examination of the ongoing NFL playoffs and the first Championship Sunday preview you'll find anywhere.

It's been an outstanding first year on The FDH Lounge as we established an ambitious mandate for ourselves creatively and took large steps towards fulfilling it. With this program, we'll celebrate what we've done and continue to demonstrate to you that we're your ultimate source for discussion on anything and everything going on today.

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