Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Reason To NEVER Listen To Mr. ROTO

by Jason Jones

It is no surprise that, we at do not think Roto is as talented as he thinks he is. Deep down, the guy is an idiot. This is the same guy that said after T.O. lead the league in touchdowns receptions, that you should NEVER draft T.O. What if T.O. is available in the 8th round? Should we still never draft him? The same nimrod who said always play and/or consider the matchups. Specifically, BENCH ADRIAN PETERSON AGAINST THE CHARGERS, if you don't remember Peterson broke the single game rushing record that day. So, here are even more examples of why ESPN should never not associate their name with his. The following was published, which blows my mind, in the December issue of ESPN the Magazine..."it's been six years since I’ve owned Fred Taylor on any fantasy team, and it will be seven next season. Why? Because in 2001, I declared him dead to me. Never again, I swore to myself. And even though swearing to yourself about fantasy football isn’t the best to keep your friends around, I can’t help it. So it’s time for this year’s version of 'the Dead To Me List'. These guys might produce great seasons in the future, and have lovely personalities to boot, but it doesn’t matter. In my world, they cease to exist"

WOW!!! What a D-Bag. This is the guy that who ESPN goes to when fantasy football questions arise. Millions of fantasy football managers are going to his site and watching his pieces on ESPN television in the hopes of getting solid advice. And this is the guy who each and every year is downsizing the number of players those people will draft. Along with his “umbrella rules” and other rigid ways of thinking are dooming fantasy owners everywhere. Never draft rookie RB’s (Adrian Peterson), never draft rookie WR’s (Dwayne Bowe, 995 yds and 5 td’s with 7 games with more than 4 receptions), always draft RB/RB back to back-you won’t survive if you don’t (my ’07 roster would disagree…T.Brady, R.Moss, C.Johnson, R.Wayne, J.Lewis, A.Peterosn, K.Winslow)… I could go on all day with the ways that ROTO is WRONG, but I’ll let you see what I mean.

  1. Fred Taylor-Never draft Fred Taylor because he was injured most of 2001. I go one further, Fred Taylor was hurt most of his career, but depending on the value as the draft continues Fred Taylor may become very tantalizing. If Fred Taylor is available to be your 3rd RB, by all means it makes sense to draft him. If you want to say that you don’t think it’s wise to draft Taylor, say that its because he splitting carries with the guy who will eventually replace him, not because you have a stick up your ass about something that happened 7 years ago. S***, I had Randy Moss in 2006, that didn’t stop me from drafting him in the 3rd Round in 2007. And why? Because I am not an idiot like ROTO.
  2. Shaun Alexander-He claims that this decision was made solely on his performance (or lack there of) against Cleveland in week 9. Again, and ROTO is famous for this, “focused on the wrong details”. If you don’t think Shaun is worth the risk, at least come up with more than one game (or at least 2 and a half quarters) to arrive at that decision. Look, Shaun is not the Shaun of even 2005. Seattle does not have a contingency plan at RB for the long term. They are going to have to rely on Alexander until a replacement can be groomed. And they will not get one drafting where they are (at least not one that will be ready until 2009-2010). Now if they sign a guy like Michael Turner in Free Agency, then maybe the Shaun Alexander issue will be a more urgent one to consider.
  3. Laurence Maroney-The Patriots scored 355 points in the first 9 games and Maroney didn’t get in the endzone once. LOOK DIPS*#@!! This is a great example as to why ROTO doesn’t know D@#%. Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, and Ben Watson. The first time Brady truly had a dangerous WR core to pass to. There was a great possibility that they wouldn’t even get to the red zone. Its just like playing madden. If you’re good enough, you can lead the league in scoring and never get inside your opponents 30 yard line. Some day soon, Maroney may be a top 10 RB in the league. I can only hope I am in a league with ROTO and wax the floor with him. At this rate, he’ll be turning down 5 players out of every 12 picks.
  4. Cedric Benson-Look, Benson has been a huge disappointment. I can’t really look down on someone who doesn’t feel confident that Benson can carry a team. But to say you write him off for good, is just asinine. Maybe some day Benson gets his head out of his conceited ass. Maybe some day he will realize that getting picked in the top 5 doesn’t extend to you anything. Never is a very close minded approach, especially in Fantasy Football
  5. Norv Turner-HOLY S@#$. “It’s any player he’s touched as a head coach or coordinator”. This basically says that JaMarcus Russell, and more importantly Tomlinson, Rivers, and Gates are no longer worthy of being drafted in any Fantays league. He must not have thought this one out, ROTO, you can’t be this stupid.
  6. Santana Moss-I think at this point he is just trying to fill the space left on the page. Does anyone believe that Santana Moss is a legit #1 WR? You better not. This is more about ROTO not properly evaluating than it is hating on Santana Moss. Santana Moss may be the best shifty slot receiver in the game if they’d ever use him correctly. In Washington, they have to work him like a #1 because he is the best they’ve got. Put Santana Moss on the Patriots and not Welker or Stallworth. His stat line would definitely be worth having on your fantasy team. Conversely, give Washington a legit #1 WR (6’2 or taller, 205-230lbs, 4.4 40 or better) and even ROTO will have to reconsider his take on Santana Moss. Oh, and this just pissed me off…”Every time he (Santana Moss) drops a pass, a Jets fan gets his wings.” Who the F@#$ are you? Why the Jets? A Cowboy fan getting wings at least makes sense in a drug-induced stuper. And I am now dumber for having spent any time on that stupid It’s A Wonderful Life reference.

I’m done. I can only focus on “The Talent-Less Mr. ROTO” for so long. My head hurts.

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