Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hottest Cartoon Characters

by Jason Jones

This post requires a little creative thinking. Try to suspend reality. Basically, as crazy as it sounds, imagine you are a cartoon character yourself (especially if you are a male), who would you be most interested in pursuing. Clearly there is a difference between...Date Material, Take Home To Mom Material, and Wife Material. Just thought I'd throw this together just for poops and giggles.

Warning: There are some doctored "Naughty Pictures" to aid those visual people.

1. Miss Buxley-Sexy Secretary in the Beetle Bailey Comic Strip

Whoever was the first man to have a fetish about secretaries and supposed naughty time at work, clearly was thinking of Miss Buxley. Even in the comic strip there seems to be a sense of sexual tension between Beetle and his boss over giving their attention to Miss Buxley.

2. Holli Would-The Smoking Animated Co-Star of Cool World

If you haven't seen this quasi-bad movie. It is a darker take on the Who Framed Roger Rabbit like live action mixed with animation. The Holli Would character is played in live action by Kim Basinger. She wishes she was this hot.

3. Jessica Rabbit-The Definition of Voluptuous-Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Admit it or not, Jessica Rabbit is just too much woman for any animated character, especially a silly rabbit. The movie alone has some merit and is entertaining, particularly for the kids. At least the creators gave the men something to keep our interest.

4. Lara Croft-Kicking Ass Gets A Lot Hotter-Tomb Raider Video Game, the Movie

For once it seems Hollywood got it right when attempting to make a video game-movie adaptation. The live action movie version is played by Angelina Jolie...enough said.

5. Belle-Sweet girl next door type-Disney's Beauty and the Beast movie

A smoking brunette who has the Disney inspired "heart of gold". Case in point, it's refreshing to see a smoking hottie turn down the successful big wig in town "Gaston" and eventually go for the big hairy overweight guy with a bad attitude. You've got to give a girl some credit, at the end the beast turns into Brad Pitt with eighties hair.

Six through ten coming soon...

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