Sunday, January 13, 2008

Feeding Clintons their own medicine on race

By Rick Morris

The Clinton campaign is presently suffering a great deal of scrutiny on matters of racial sensitivity as they attempt to engage Barack Obama. The Obama campaign, presently trying to get back on track after their shocking loss in New Hampshire, is clearly fanning the flames and putting the Clintons on the defensive with perhaps their most faithful constituency.

I love it. What goes around, comes around.

Now I don't have a dog in this race (notwithstanding the fact that I previously said I thought Obama was a good guy even if I didn't agree with him on just about anything -- I might need to readdress whether I think he's any better a person than Hillary in light of the fact that both are pretty bloodthirsty on the issue of unborn life and the fact that he acted to block Illinois implementation of an act to protect babies who are "accidentally" born alive during an abortion procedure), but it's always good to see bad people get punched in the nose even if other dubious folks are the ones delivering the blow.

For the entirety of their career on the national political stage, the Clintons have sought to divide this country along racial lines. Bill Clinton takes any chance he gets to proclaim that the GOP has had an institutional advantage in presidential elections since 1968 purely because of appeals to racism among southern whites -- leaving aside the fact that the Democratic party was taking a radical left turn at that time on matters of abortion, national security, homosexuality, taxation and countless other issues of concern to conservative whites everywhere. But the Clintons have always chosen to hone in on race as a matter of proclaiming their own moral superiority, as a means of saying, "We are pure at heart. Anyone who disagrees with us is a dirty racist."

Folks like myself who agree wholeheartedly with the original spirit of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which stood for equal opportunity but certainly not quotas, have long been vilified by black civil rights leaders and their allies in the White Liberal Guilt Community. Now, two of the most prominent pillars of that community are getting the same presumption of racism pushed on them that they tarred others with for decades.

Truly, my heart bleeds for them.

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