Sunday, August 10, 2008

China’s moment in the sun – congrats, commie dictators

By Rick Morris

The 2008 Summer Olympics are now underway in Beijing, with pollution and oppression left on the back burner by the pliant media covering the Games. China, which is essentially North Korea with crony capitalism (great, now I’ve gone and gotten The Lounge banned by the Chinese authorities!), has received the seal of approval from the international community after decades of violence and repression of their own people and even those in other lands. World community, take a bow.

The one useful service that the communist nomenklatura have performed was to spotlight the country’s overwhelming responsibility for the pollution of our planet. If and when the theory of global warming gets proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, plausible solutions will still prove elusive as long as the industries controlled by the Red Army are still allowed to treat the atmosphere the same way that Dom DeLuise treats his turlet after a bender at Taco Bell.

Remarkably, there are those who foolishly believe that these Games will have a liberalizing effect on China and that the citizens, nay prisoners, of this system will live under freer rule going forward. The opposite is almost sure to come about, as the government will be even more arrogant after receiving what they will justifiably take as the endorsement of the corrupt Olympic movement and the moral cowards who govern the other consequential nations of the earth. Once these Games are in the books, I’d invest in some body armor if I was the Dalai Lama.

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