Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama picks Biden, must love racist humor

By Rick Morris

Who needs Obama's scam of a text alert announcement when you've got The FDH Lounge? That's not just a rhetorical question, by the way. ABC News has reported that the Secret Service has been dispatched to protect Joe Biden, so now nobody has to wait for David Alexrod and the rest of the numnuts in the campaign to bang out the "LOLZ ... it ain't Hillary!" texts early Saturday morning.

As someone who once condescendingly pronounced his new boss "clean" and "articulate" (85,400 Google search results on "clean articulate Biden," by the way), I'm wondering right now what the over-under is on Jewish jokes that he will make in his vice-presidential acceptance speech at the convention next week. What's the over-under on jokes about Asian drivers during the vice presidential debates?

For a refresher course on what passes for humor for the racially insensitive bozo that the Obamessiah has chosen to place a heartbeat away from the presidency, check out his riff on Indians and 7-11 stores. Wow, BHO was really serious about nailing down that David Duke endorsement!

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That Guy said...

I guess I can no longer be considered a kid or a young person, but I was hoping that both candidates would have gone with the more obscure running mates with tremedous upside. Obama for Kathleen Sebilus and McCain for Bobby Jindal. Since I have not completely endorsed either, I guess I just wanted to see how interesting they could make it.