Sunday, August 10, 2008

Obama been vacationin'

By Rick Morris

"Man of the people" Barack Obama is off on a Hawaiian vacation this week with his brood, not bothered at all by the fact that his political henchman Nancy Pelosi is enforcing a policy that keeps our country from pursuing serious oil exploration while gas prices have hit record highs this year. I'm glad that he can frolic in the surf of the Pacific (perhaps he could borrow his boy John Kerry's windsurfing gear) while so many of his countrymen (err, I forgot, it's not a matter of him having countrymen, he's a "citizen of the world") are using their time off this summer for "staycations" due to the price of gas. Of course, the dopey Che-loving privileged college stoners who form such a vital part of his base don't care that Barack doesn't care, because Mommy and Daddy subsidize their vacations. Must be nice.

While he's on vacation, I look forward to hearing what he had to say to his grandmother who he publicly and needlessly threw under a bus for allegedly being a racist. Also, perhaps his wife Michelle (who makes Teresa Heinz Kerry look humble by comparison) could go to a poor area of Honolulu to find some poor people to condescend to like she did to economically disadvantaged people in Appalachia.

Maybe he could kick back and relax and take a phone call from the man who he was prepared to foist off on America as Attorney General, John Edwards. Actually, Edwards fits in pretty well on a moral level with everyone Obama befriended on his way up the corrupt Chicago political scene.

Anyway, happy vacationing, Barack!

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