Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summerslam liveblogging Part III

By Rick Morris

What a complete abortion of a "title match" on the second biggest PPV of the year. Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate almost immediately on Mark Henry in the ECW (don't call it a "World") Title match and Tony Atlas interfered for the cheap DQ. ALMOST FREAKING IMMEDIATELY! This is what you get when you hotshot your clearcut #1 face and clearcut #1 heel on the brand and have no choice but to keep the feud running through several pay-per-views. Jeff Hardy ran out to come to his brother's rescue and together, they dealt with Atlas and Henry. So the crowd got a "cheap pop" seeing the Hardys back together at the end, and doubtless, with the ECW/Smackdown brand co-mingling, we may see these two teaming up on the ECW show soon, but what about the Hardy/MVP/Benjamin storyline that got kicked into high gear earlier in this hour? Coherence is a wonderful thing, booking crew, you should look into it some time.

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Schoolboy Errors said...

Do you think Henry demanded it to end early so he could get back to the buffet asap??