Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summerslam liveblogging Part II

By Rick Morris

The HBK "retirement" segment progressed with Shawn Michaels announcing that he was leaving, only to have Y2J come out in a development that even Helen Keller saw coming. What none of us saw coming, though, was this: as Michaels went to leave the ring with his wife after some back-and-forth jawing with Jericho, Mrs. Heartbreak Kid got PO-TA-TOED in the mouth by Jericho. OK; didn't see that coming.

Jericho backed away from the ring slowly as Shawn Michaels trembled with rage over his prone wife (and, according to Mike Ptak, looked down her blouse). That was a good setup for what will surely be a gimmick match at Unforgiven in three weeks (right here in C-Town -- should I jump the rail with some FDH signage?).

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