Sunday, August 10, 2008

Movie review: Step Brothers

By Rick Morris

I often reference the fact that my taste in movies differs greatly from movie critics, who tend to love the highbrow. With few exceptions, I do not … and that is why I can embrace the latest Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly vehicle STEP BROTHERS.

Each actor portrays a man-child around 40 who never got a job and never left home. They are thrust together when their single parents marry and they are forced to share not only a household but a bedroom.

Now, the premise itself will leave many of you reading this shaking your heads in disgust at the display of buffoonery that would manifest itself in such a script. Well, you should quit reading right now as I’m not only going to confirm the low IQ level of this film, but I’m going to revel in it.

Every asinine angle that you could possibly imagine for a film of this kind plays out at one time or another and the result is not merely glorious, it is pan-glorious. The movie is packed full of moments where you can’t believe what you just laughed at – and wait -- you just laughed at something much worse! The survival instincts that the two “stepbrothers” display toward the end of the film do boggle the mind a tad inasmuch as they had been completely helpless and dependant prior to that, but a motion picture like this one clearly isn’t meant to have the plot dissected that closely.

Assuming that you are of legal age to view a raunchy R-rated movie such as this, you should definitely choose to do so, taking your sense of humor with you and leaving your sense of self-consciousness about humor at home.

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