Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Lounge Multimedia Magazine!

By Rick Morris

One year ago today, the second half of The FDH Lounge media entity came into existence. The Lounge had existed since January 14, 2007 as an all-subjects talk show on (live every other Sunday night from 8-11 PM EDT) and we launched this multimedia magazine subsequently as another manifestation of our all-subjects theme.

As managing partner of FDH Enterprises, LLC, I want to thank everyone in the Lounge family for helping us establish our identity as we have thus far. Through FDH, I have been associated with STN since 2003 and prior to this, my favorite creative project of all time had been another STN program. It was my first show that I did with STN, entitled REALITY CHECK and I had the rare opportunity to co-host it with two longtime friends, Ron Glasenapp and Dave Adams. Rarely if ever do you get a chance to work with people who you've known for such a long time and have such an automatic chemistry with, and I never thought I would be a part of anything that I would appreciate more on a creative level. But I was wrong. The Lounge is even more satisfying to me because we are not limited to sports and can talk about anything -- and there is a tremendous chemistry with our Lounge Dignitaries as well (although everything would be better still if we could add Ron and Dave to the mix -- but, schedules and availabilities change as we grow older -- I can dream, though).

I want to thank all members of The Lounge family, all of the Dignitaries who have either written for us here or been a part of our STN program. In addition to our Senior Editor and my partner Jason Jones, the list is quite distinguished: Samantha Jones, Burrell Jackson, Chris Galloway, Tony Mazur, Paul Belfi, Paul Teeple, Jim Kushlan, Nate Noy, Tim Foust and Jacob Rosen.

Now, on the first anniversary of our multimedia magazine, it's only fitting for me to welcome another contributor on board. As with many FDH associates (including my own partner), he's somebody that I met at STN and he is one of the co-hosts of our morning program AM MAYHEM. Ben Chew is someone who is tremendously knowledgeable on a range of subjects and you will get to see that here in the time to come. What's he going to write about and when? Whatever he wants, whenever he wants, because that's just how we roll around here. Get good people and turn them loose, that's how we operate, and that's why you can never miss any time around here -- because you could lose the chance to be enlightened and entertained on a given day by us. We now have feeds enabled so that you can subscribe to our content, so keep checking back here for the widest array of takes and subjects anywhere on the Internet.

Having said all that, let me close this in style: LET'S GO RED WINGS!!!

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