Monday, August 25, 2008

Pelosi lies about Catholic abortion policy

By Rick Morris

Anyone who comes at public policy questions from a spiritual angle is going to address them differently from a person who approaches them from the secular side. I happen to fit the former category, and while I find those in the latter group incredibly wrong, I can at least respect the intellectual honesty of those who are forthright and learned in their positions. I have very good friends who cannot fully grasp my political stands on social issues because they are looking at them purely through the prism of this life here on Earth and I am not. If you're not coming from the same place I am, you're not going to get it, but that in and of itself has not inhibited any of my friendships.

What I really don't respect, though, as a lifelong Roman Catholic, are those who try to have it both ways, the "cafeteria Catholics" who endorse ONLY those positions not at variance with their more strongly held secular ones and who want to reap electoral benefits from their identity in the church (i.e. Joe Biden in the upcoming fall campaign). Be one way or be the other, period, and don't try to hide behind a priest's robe to try to look sanctimonious at election time.

The worst, most disgraceful example I have ever seen of a two-faced politician trying to have it both ways for scummy electoral advantage was Nancy Pelosi's despicable lie-fest on Meet the Press yesterday. Proving that Botox must indeed have the capacity to penetrate the cerebral cortex, Madam Speaker perpetrated a sleazefest for the ages when she attempted to deceive the American people about the Roman Catholic Church's position on abortion. She tried to claim a form of neutrality on the subject on the part of the church, a whopping falsehood that should have been obvious to anyone given that the church has loudly denounced abortion throughout history. You say you're a devout and practicing Catholic, Grandma, but I suggest that you click that link so that you can learn about matters of the sacred Catechism and other aspects of spiritual life that you sublimate to the interests of the drag queens and abortionists who form your base back home. Perhaps you're confused: it's the Constitution that you believe to be a living, breathing document that contains whatever made-up rights you and your wacko constituents thought up today -- even you couldn't possibly believe that the Word of God is subject to constant revision and focus groups -- could you?

Actually, San Fran Nan holds a great number of positions that are at odds with the church, from more extreme versions of child snuffing like partial-birth abortion to homosexual marriage. Like Biden, who took great pride in terrorizing Bork and Thomas when they attempted to get on to the Supreme Court and rein in abortion-on-demand, she is the perfect example of the phony secular politician who claims that she's down with the church because she opposed the Iraq War and so did the pope. That'd be like Kobe Bryant calling himself an unselfish teammate for passing the ball once after jacking up 10 consecutive three-pointers while being triple-teamed.

No matter how much Nancy Pelosi and her constituents might consider a ghoul -- who calls himself a doctor -- ripping apart a baby's skull with forceps a sacrament, the church is never going to agree. On any of today's social issues, people should be on the spiritual side (my preference) or on the secular side. What they shouldn't do is try to split the difference dishonestly. Stealing an election through deception is one thing, and sadly it happens all the time in this country. Committing sacrilege while doing that is quite another.

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