Sunday, August 3, 2008

FDH Lounge Show #34: August 3, 2008

By Rick Morris

Tonight's 34th edition of THE FDH LOUNGE on (8-11 PM EDT) contains more of our all-around quality and variety that you have come to expect.

At the very start, even before The Opening Statements of The Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge, we welcome accomplished sportscaster Craig Minervini to the program. Craig covers the Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers for Fox Sports Net Florida and Sun Sports and has his finger on the pulse of the always-happening South Florida sports scene. We'll be going all around the Miami-area map with him and also explore his past connections to the world of "sports entertainment," from the XFL to the expansion-era WWF of the 1980s.

Then, after The Opening Statements, we delve into our political roundtable for the first time since late June. As we approach the political conventions in a few weeks, both Obama and McCain must weigh their choices for running mates. Who will be chosen and who should be chosen if each candidate is to give it their best shot? We will opine in these areas and we'll also explore John McCain's challenge: how to lure enough voters away from Obama in what looks to be a huge Democratic year. How can he pull the big upset in this climate? We'll break that down for you.

That will take us well into Hour Two, at which point we take up The FDH Lounge Forum Question for the night: with the Summer Olympics now just days away, which set of Games is cooler, Summer or Winter and why? We'll explore all of the interesting facets of the Olympics at this time.

In Hour Three, at 10:15, we welcome back a friend we made before, Fran Stuchbury from He'll help us try to make sense of one of the most mysterious angles in sports this year: the abrupt resignation of AFL Commissioner David Baker. Where does the league go from here and what is the ceiling for the league's growth of recent years? We'll take up those questions with Fran.

We finish the program with another roundtable about the inability of many in the sports media to look past statistical production in rating the worth of players. Many sportswriters and sportscasters advocate for MLB teams to sign Barry Bonds. Many sportswriters and sportscasters feel that the Red Sox should have hung on to Manny at all costs. Many sportswriters and sportscasters feel that Green Bay should offer Brett Favre the starting QB job even if it means turning their entire organization upside down. Why are so many educated people ignorant of the fact that there are real-life consequences in the clubhouse if knee-jerk opinions like these are to be implemented? We'll talk about that.

Be sure to join us tonight for the Internet TV version of this multimedia magazine as we continue to demonstrate that nobody can cover the world all-around like we can!

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