Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards, scummy phony

By Rick Morris

Cheating on a wife who is dealing with gravely serious cancer while she is vouching for your moral credentials to be President of the United States -- nobody can say that John Edwards didn't win one big political race this year. Unfortunately for him, the award isn't the White House; instead it's the designation as the worst ahole dirtbag on the national scene.

The one funny part of this sickening tableau is the notion of all of his credulous followers in the Kosgutter and elsewhere who are beseeching, "Say it ain't so, John!" Because they are morally blind, what they don't realize is that this ambulance-chasing jerk behaved in a manner perfectly in keeping with his holier-than-thou persona.

As a lawyer, his job was to bamboozle illiterate rubes on juries who couldn't see through his oily schtick so that he could legally rip off corporations and enrich himself. It's hard to single out the most shameless moment of his reprehensible career, but claiming to hear and be motivated to act by the ghost of an allegedly martyred dead girl would probably get that dubious prize.

As a politician, he was even worse because now he had real power. His demagogic attacks on corporations as being uniformly evil and fascist were setting the stage for a frightful scene in 2009 if Barack Obama had indeed had the opportunity to appoint him as Attorney General -- at least we were spared that economy-crushing scenario. He's a rich hypocrite living the high life while trying to get himself over by attacking other people and institutions of means. Making money, getting ahead ... these were actions that were perfectly acceptable for a "man of the people" such as himself, but don't hold your breath waiting for him to do anything other than piously decry entrepreneurs who earned their money honestly.

Let me be perfectly clear: every greasy word that comes out of this despicable scumsucker's mouth is and always has been worth the $3 bill that should bear his pretty boy mug. He cares only about himself, he used his wife's illness to troll for votes, he also exploited the memory of his dead son to earn political sympathy and he set up his family to be humiliated by his actions and the suicidal sloppiness of them. Predictably, his enabling wife, who sent him back out on to the campaign trail while she was entering the most brutal phase of her fight with cancer, put out a statement today attempting to take him off the hook. Elizabeth Edwards is a very brave woman, and none of us has the right to tell her what to do or say in this situation, but that doesn't mean that the public should accept the "She's OK with this, let's move on" party line. Also, does anybody believe that he's not the father of this love child? Didn't think so.

By the way, for anybody who thinks we've seen the last major shoe drop ... how's the "classy" Ms. Hunter going to react to Phony Boy's denial of paternity and implication that she's been out trolling for seed hither and fro? Your move, Baby Mama!

Two Americas, huh? What's that, one for the wife and one for the mistress?

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