Sunday, June 29, 2008

BELFI - Night of Champions - Cena vs. Triple H

By Paul Belfi

Obviously Cena HAS to win this match... we'll see what happens. It is 10:16 as I write this. I will update following the match. BTW, since I haven't blasted Ptak in a while, let me see he's a bald-headed bastard who was last seen at a Wal Mart getting $10 for an autograph.

Oh hay-ell NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10:33 -- I am digging the 'physicality' of this match so far... solid 'power work' by Cena and Trips. Both are selling well.


10:41 -- A FANTASTIC match and I am STUNNED (well, not really) that Trips won... but it was a great match and - overall - a very fun PPV this evening.

Looking forward to RAW tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Ask Ptak how are those strippers treating him?

Anonymous said...

Same as always... they take his cash - then his dignity.