Thursday, June 5, 2008

NHL draft guide interview: Harri Sateri

By Rick Morris

As announced previously in this space, Sportsology and are joining up to produce HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY, a comprehensive guide to the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and offseason as a whole. The issue will be released online, for free, at these two websites and on June 10. Until then, the features to be contained in the guide will be released here individually in serialized form.

Harri Sateri is the #1 ranked European goalie in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and we had a chance to find out more about this talented netminder.

Q: What style of goalie are you?

A: I'm a butterfly-style goalie.

Q: How old were you when you got a goalie coach?

A: I was about ten years old when I got a goalie coach.

Q: Will you be attending the draft in person?

A: Yes, I will come to the draft.

Q: Who was your favorite player growing up?

A: Ron Hextall.

Q: What's it like to play in the International tournaments like the World Junior Championships?

A: It's awesome. There are all the best players and everybody does their best.

Q: Is your strength going post-to-post -- or what would you say it is?

A: I think my strength is moving.

Q: What's your favorite thing to do when you aren't playing hockey?

A: Playing golf or just hanging out with my friends.

Q: Did you ever play another position in hockey?

A: When I started playing, I was a forward for a year, but then I went to the net.

Q: Have you played or do you still play other sports?

A: Nothing serious, but golf and tennis just for fun.

Q: Who's on your goalie mask?

A: There is our team sponsors, some painting, it's pretty boring.

Q: Your birthday is on the 29th of December, so close to New Year's Eve, is that a fun week for you?

A: Yeah, it’s awesome. First Christmas, then my birthday, and then New Year's Eve. Lot of gifts for me.

Q: Does your mom worry about you getting hurt when you are playing hockey?

A: Yeah, a little bit, but I think my grandmom worries about me the most.

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