Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night of Champions Liveblogging Part VI

By Rick Morris

The Edge vs. Batista match for the World Title was decent, but fairly stale in light of their past matches and the fact that these two don't have the best in-ring chemistry (not JBL-Batista bad or Booker-Batista bad, but not great). Each hit some high-impact moves before the predictable screwjob sequence at the end with Edge's entire posse getting involved -- including Vickie getting out of the wheelchair to break up a three-count only to be pitched from the ring onto all of her compatriots! The interference allows Edge to waffle Batista with the belt leading to the pinfall. Afterwards, the announcers resumed the "Owen voice" to talk about the tragedy of Batista leaving Smackdown in such a manner. It wasn't even "it was what it was."

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