Sunday, June 15, 2008

FDH Lounge Show #30: June 15, 2008

By Rick Morris

Tonight's 30th edition of THE FDH LOUNGE (8-11 PM EDT on features our trademark eclectic blend of content. In Hour One, after The Dignitaries of The Lounge make their traditional Opening Statements, we launch into a discussion about the three broadcasting giants who left this Earth since our last show: Jim McKay, Charlie Jones and Tim Russert. Our piece about it right here on the Lounge blog serves as the jumping-off point for our retrospective.

Next, we move to the subject Russert loved so much and covered so well: the 2008 presidential race. For the first time since we started our coverage on the show, the race is mathematically over on each side as Obama v McCain is now ON LIKE RADON. We'll check out the "veepstakes" on both sides, key considerations for the fall and all of the important angles.

After our political segment wraps up in Hour Two, we move into a discussion about attempts to "turn back the hands of time" as far as the Internet is concerned. Some big telecoms want to move back to the time before Internet access was paid for on a flat-rate basis, seeking to charge users who consume big downloads way more caysh. The NCAA already banned live-blogging at the College World Series and now the Dallas Cowboys (possibly in conjunction with the NFL, although that has not been substantiated yet) are trying to outlaw live-blogging from the press box. Whether it be attempts to victimize consumers by corporations nostalgic for the ability to charge for Web surfing by the minute or sports officials who think that stopping somebody from reporting on a game in progress will somehow cease the efforts of every dude in his boxers who's doing the same thing in front of the TV, the effect is the same. You can't reverse the progress of history and we'll break down the specifics for you.

In Hour Three, our old pal Russ Cohen from Sportsology comes on to discuss two topics of much coverage on his site: hockey and pro wrestling. Sportsology, of course, is the entity that partnered with to produce HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY, our free 68-page e-Book devoted to the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and offseason. We'll be discussing the guide and upcoming draft in detail (he'll be on the ground in Ottawa for the big event on June 20-21), as well as the Stanley Cup Finals that he just got done covering in person and the NHL Awards. In terms of wrestling, as hard as it is to imagine, we're almost one year out from the Chris Benoit family tragedy and we'll discuss some of the conclusions in the earthshaking new RING OF HELL expose, as well as Russ's forthcoming article on SLAM! Wrestling about the new WWE Topps cards set. McMahon Money Mania's going to be on the table also, as well as any other goofiness from the pro graps business.

Lastly, we'll provide post-game coverage of the U.S. Open as Tiger Woods looks for another historic victory tonight and the other action just down the road via Interstate 5, the NBA Finals. Boston looks to put away the Lakers in surprising and decisive fashion. Think Phil Jackson believes he needs Andrew Bynum back yet?

Tune in for all this and much, much more when The Great American Radio Show comes to Internet Television for the 30th time tonight on The FDH Lounge, only on The Sports Talk Network.

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