Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NHL draft guide: organizational draft priorities

By Rick Morris

As announced previously in this space, Sportsology and are joining up to produce HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY, a comprehensive guide to the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and offseason as a whole. The issue will be released online, for free, at these two websites and this week (IMPORTANT NOTE: we had substantial bonus content come in at the last minute -- as such, the June 10 release date is null and void -- we apologize for that, but we assure you that the product will be more than worth the wait). Until then, the features to be contained in the guide will be released here individually in serialized form.

Today, we examine the assessment of draft priorities by organization. All things being equal, this is where we see each organization looking if they were able to find players at the positions of need.

Anaheim: LW

Atlanta: D, RW

Boston: RW, D

Buffalo: RW, LW, C

Calgary: RW, D

Carolina: RW, D

Chicago: LW, C

Colorado: G, LW

Columbus: D

Dallas: G, RW

Detroit: RW, LW, C

Edmonton: RW, LW

Florida: LW, G

Los Angeles: LW

Minnesota: G, D, LW

Montreal: RW, C

Nashville: RW, LW

New Jersey: D, C, G

New York Islanders: D, G

New York Rangers: LW

Ottawa: RW, D

Philadelphia: C, G

Phoenix: D, G

Pittsburgh: RW, G

St. Louis: LW, RW

San Jose: D

Tampa Bay: RW, C

Toronto: D, RW

Vancouver: C, D

Washington: D, C

(Note: no pun intended on the Caps' priorities!)

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