Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night of Champions Liveblogging Part II

By Rick Morris

Matt Hardy and Chavo Guerrero had a pretty good technical match for the U.S. Title. As he did during the first match when he was invoking old-time stuff just to show off, Jim Ross spit out a bunch of pablum about how Hardy's U.S. Title had the lineage of Bobo Brazil, Roddy Piper, etc.

It was a pretty good technical match, nothing too special. Chavo looked to be going for the Three Amigos suplexes when Hardy hit the Twist of Fate out of nowhere for the three-count.

Now they're running a video package highlighting the McMahon Money giveaway and it ends, of course, with the footage of "Mr. McMahon's accident." Now we get to see the announcers do the "Owen voice" when we come back for the next match. Isn't that lovely. And Belfi thinks my "Chavo text messages" blast was out of line!

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