Monday, June 16, 2008

NBA draft guide: team needs

By Rick Morris

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Today's installment?'s assessment of team needs heading into next week's draft.

1 Chicago PG, C
2 Miami PG, SF, C
3 Minnesota SF, C
4 Seattle C, SF, PG, PF
5 Memphis C, PF
6 New York SF, C
7 LA Clippers PF, SG, PG
8 Milwaukee SF
9 Charlotte PF
10 New Jersey C, PF
11 Indiana PG, C
12 Sacramento PG, PF
13 Portland PG, SF
14 Golden State C
15 Atlanta C, PF
16 Philadelphia PF, SG, C
17 Toronto SF, C, SG
18 Washington C, SG
19 Cleveland SG, PG
20 Denver SG, PF
21 Dallas C, SG
22 Orlando SG
23 Utah SG, SF
24 Phoenix SF
25 Houston SF, PG, PF
26 San Antonio C, SF
27 New Orleans SG
28 LA Lakers PG, SF
29 Detroit C
30 Boston C, PG


Jacob Rosen said...

As much as the Cavaliers do need assistance at point guard and shooting guard, I think they also need young big men. When looking at their front court you would see Anderson Varejao, Joe Smith, Ben Wallace, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Three of them will be out of the league or gone within the next two years. Anderson is unreliable long-term, and thus the Cavaliers need more options.

I prefer Marreese Speights or Jason Thompson as guys that could easily slide into a role as a contributing big man this year and into the future. I could easily see the Cavaliers drafting a guy like Douglas-Roberts, just as much as I could see them drafting Speights. The need is practically just as much, although the Cavaliers actually do have long-term options at the guard position (Gibson and West.)

Rick Morris said...

These are good distinctions you raise, Jacob. I think it really does boil down to short-term vs. long-term needs and my list was more of the immediate variety. Somebody else is going to need to be in the mix with West and Gibson if this team is to go anywhere next year (I'm looking at you, Michael Redd!). But in the front court, sure, they need functional rotation bodies as well.

It's interesting -- if you look at the team needs here vs. my mock draft, you find that I don't see the Cavs being able to address the needs I see as most immediate. There won't be any point guards worthy of that spot, period. And CDR is the only 2-guard that could fit that spot IF he drops enough (I don't think Rush will be there). But as a Cavs fan, I'm alright with addressing the front court. Like our Senior Editor Jason Jones, I'm intrigued by the developmental possibilities of Roy Hibbert and I do like his upside a bit more than the guys you named.

Good stuff, Jacob.